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PostSubject: ABOUT THE METAL UNION   Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:14 pm

EST: 2009

The goal of The Metal Union is to unite all the metalheads on PSN HOME and network together to ensure that HOME does not neglect our way of life and music.

The Metal Union was created to promote metal music in HOME and to become the ultimate social spot for metalheads of HOME.
The Metal Union does not discriminate as to what you consider metal be it Slayer to Slipknot it is all metal to us...The Metal Union does not discriminate on race,religion,sexual gender or sexual orientation...If your into metal then you are a friend of The Metal Union.

The Metal Union has plans of protest and fun events lined up for the very near future and all members of the Union are welcome and encouraged to attend as they occur.

If you are a metalhead and a user of the PSN HOME network then The Metal Union is the club for you...We treat all our membership as an extended family and we will be implementing our ranking struture,core values and rules and regulations soon.

--- RULES ---

X. Must be a metalhead.

X. Must meet with ooo-RELLIK-ooo or theartofbalance upon club approval.

X. Must be an active club member.

X. Must attend at least two club meetings a month.

X. Must help promote the club.

X. Must be an active member on the forum board.

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